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Come here to have your slides, photographs, and digital images made into your own DVD

Making Memories Last

We all want to be remembered.

Wanting to be remembered is a fundamental human desire. It's why we have Memorial Day parades, sponsor scholarships, dedicate stained glass windows, and inscribe grave markers. When a beloved mayor, law partner or favorite teacher retires, each one ponders what they leave behind and what they will pass on to the next generation.

You, too, wonder, "What is my legacy?" Yes, we all want to be remembered.



We all want to share our memories.

Your pictures point to your most precious memories. There are the people you care about most at the big moments of life—weddings, graduations, formals, showing off a first car, enjoying parties and get-togethers for all sorts of occasions.



At Haddonfield Heritage we help you gather those memories into your personal DVD, perfect for special occasions, appropriate for funeral services, priceless gifts to pass on to the next generation. Click "Options" to select the best one for you.

Share those candid moments and priceless photographs.

Your special pet, a baby's laughter, your father as an infant, children at the shore, friends relaxing at home, and the beautiful mountains and monuments you’ve relished on your travels.

Your pictures.  Your legacy.



Reluctant to mail your precious pictures away? Afraid you might lose your only copy?

Understandable. I really like our post office...but mailing my only picture of my father as a baby? I don't think so. If you have similar concerns, just bring your pictures to me. My office, beside Borough Hall, is closer to our Police Station than you are.

Your pictures stay in my building while we create your personal DVD.

By the way, those standard send-away services would not combine your slides and photographs into one DVD anyway.

They just mail you back your slides (all of them, you hope) clumped together on one DVD. Likewise with your photographs.

At Haddonfield Heritage your pictures get the individual care and attention they deserve.

Please choose the option that best suits your needs, desires and budget, and give me (Gregg) a call at 856-427-7263.


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We can help you share your treasured memories.

This site shows you the several options available to you, at a price point you determine.

And at a location -- beside the Haddonfield Police Station -- that is secure.

Your valuable pictures do not leave town!

Your pictures. Your memories. Your legacy.

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